Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Banana - Blueberry Coffee Cake

I often find myself with bananas that have gone over to the dark side. Don't you? Bananas that have turned to a new purpose beyond being edible through the peel-and-eat method. Sometimes it makes me sad, because I like bananas, very much. But they must NOT be mushy for my consumption. And when the mush sets in, there is only one thing left to do with them. You know what I'm about to say, don't you? That's right, you put 'em in the freezer until you have time to bake up something luscious with them.

Sometimes that takes awhile. I'm a busy girl. But today I realized that not only did I have bananas in the freezer, I had a carton of FRESH blueberries in the fridge! Oh, what to do...what to do...well, through the magic of search engines...(remember the days before search engines? No? Me, neither.)...I found this recipe for banana blueberry muffins. Sounded good, sounded simple, sounded like something I could throw together in the hour or so I had to kill. Go check it out. (Note: I did NOT use whole wheat flour. I don't care for does NOT taste the same, so don't try to convince me! I will stand my ground on this one!) But I used everything else the recipe called for EXCEPT...!

I wanted a coffee cake, not muffins. So I baked it in a sprayed 8X8 and I mixed up a dish of my tried and true fave crumbly topping of flour, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. I should admit now that while I was supposed to be mixing it until it got crumbly, I got distracted in my thoughts and mixed it too much. It wasn't crumbly. I had to sort-of spread it on top of the batter. Whoops. No matter. The result was stupendous. I might just over-mix again sometime soon.

P.S. Doesn't my boyfriend take good pics? He's so dreamy. You should go see the fant-ab-u-lous work that he does over at his website,
Be prepared to be wowed. 


Eric said...

Great post, honey! I love the way you describe your process, it is so YOU. Your voice comes through so clearly, and you make me smile and laugh.

The bread is FANTASTIC too! Delectable is the word that comes to mind. You keep baking, I'll keep eating... and as a result need to exercise a lot more.

Dana said...

Beautiful photos. The natural lighting is incredible. Kudos to Eric.
Love the combo of banana and blueberries. We throw frozen blueberries into our banana bread sometimes, but your coffee cake looks super scrummy!
And I won't say a word about the WW flour...ok, maybe a few. *snort* Have you tried WHITE whole wheat flour yet? That's how I won over my die-hard white flour loving husband. OR, WW pastry flour instead of regular WW flour too.