Friday, June 11, 2010

New happenings 'round here...

I have started a new "thing" that I have ALWAYS wanted to do...I am taking the Wilton cake decorating classes at my local Michael's. I had my first class this past Wednesday, and...well...ok, the whole class was centered around making butter cream frosting and practicing with the #18 star tip. Come on, Wilton, I have been using that star tip since I was, like...4 years old! Just kidding. Maybe I was 5. (My mom used to make Wilton shaped cakes for ALL of our birthdays and holidays and I swear, I was pretty young when I first used that tip!) But either way, the instructor was super-nice and it was cool to have a group to talk frosting with. Next week, we progress to actually decorating a cake. Woot!

The other new adventure is that I'm building a new blog. This new one will be exclusively for edible favors...weddings, showers, whatever kind of party someone is having for which they might need some sweet treats. I'm still building it, making samples to post, and figuring out pricing, so I'm not actually sending anyone there, yet. But when I do, be sure to look and tell your friends! This broke grad student needs to make some dough (no pun intended) and why not do it while engaging in one of my favorite past times? Baking delicious treats (and making a mess of my kitchen)? *WINK*

I have some great ideas for favors, including...ummm...WHAT? You thought I was going to tell you?! You will just have to go to the blog (when it's ready) and find out!

Those people at Wilton are geniuses, and I'm not just saying that to get a free class out of the deal. (Wait, can that happen? I'll hype them all they want if that'll work!) I have always loved their shaped cakes. I have a few, and my mom had a bunch when we were kids. But this one takes the cake (another pun, hehe). I love this giant cupcake pan. It's awesome and versatile. And I want it. So if y'all need my address to send a few pennies to the "Get Mary The Awesome And Versatile Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan" fund, let me know and I will send it to you promptly. Hehe again.

Ooh ooh. One more thing.  I joined the Sweet Melissa Sundays baking group! I'll be baking a delicious recipe from Melissa Murphy's The Sweet Melissa Baking Book, this weekend. I can't blog about it until it is my turn to host :-( but I can't wait to get started working on all the sweet goodies in that book!

I hope everyone's summers are getting off to a great start and that you too are engaging in some new adventures! 

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Dana said...

Sounds like a fun plan! I wish I knew you liked that giant cupcake pan. I bought one last year, used it twice (we hated it...too hard to cut and serve) and then got rid of it through freecycle....oopsie.

Can't wait to see your other blog and hope you get some good paying customers. When I started my catering business in college, I made the most contacts through guests at other parties. One bite and they get hooked! (shhhh that's a secret!) *grin*