Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chalk murals and stuff

 Hey there!!

If you read my last post with my entry for the Simply Scrapping Crafts April Blog Hop, you would have seen my link to the website of a pretty amazing artist, and I thought I'd share some more info.

My BF, Eric Maruscak, is an illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist, but most people know him for something else. He travels to conventions all over the country and draws GIANT CHALK MURALS of superheroes, Anime characters, cartoon and graphic novel stars. He's been to Seattle, LA, Orlando, Chicago, NY, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Baltimore....and he's drawn for companies such as Nintendo, Lucas Films, Funimation, characters from Marvel and DC comics...the list goes on.

Here are a couple of photos to get you started, but you really should hop over to his website at www.pepperink.com to get the full effect.

I strongly recommend you watch the time lapse videos of Eric's chalk murals. They average about 30 hours to complete, but the videos show the whole process in about 5 minutes. It really is quite spectacular.

I hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine, today. I'm off to put the finishing touches on my Master's thesis. Wish me luck!


Eric Maruscak said...

You are so sweet to post about me, honey. But I have to ask, what are you doing writing THIS when you've got a Master's thesis due???

That being said, you are really too good to me, and this was an EXCELLENT post IMHO ;)

Love you!
- Eric

Dana said...

Even my hubby was stunned by these amazing photos...What an artist.