Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy to me...

That's what my 3-year -old nephew sings whenever its someone else's birthday, and its the song he sang to me at 8:30 this morning when my SIL called me. I think it's cute-I hope he never grows out of it.

Anyway, my darling boyfriend gave me a great gift this morning and let me have a quiet morning where I got up veeerrryyy slowly and lay around for awhile, played some music too loud, walked around in a bathrobe with a towel on my head for like an hour...ahh...sweet bliss. So what does one DO when she has quiet time on her b-day morning?? Well, she makes a card, of course. In honor of my b-day! Do you ever just do something in honor to yourself? Try it, it's FANTASTIC! I can't find it on my jumpdrive...grr...I don't have internet at home, so I have to save the pic and bring it to school on my "removable disc" and now I can't find it on there. Maybe I should get a seperate one just for pics...hhmmmm...well darn it all. Now I'm going to have to wait to post it. Crap-sandwich.

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Dana said...

"crap sandwich"! Braaaawwwhahah!

Glad you had a nice Birthday morning, sounds delightful. I can't wait to see your card too! I occasionally stamp just for myself and it IS good.

Love you much,