Monday, July 30, 2007

BIG turtle....

So, I thought I'd entertain myself by posting something fun. This is my boyfriend's daughter, Morgan and my good friend Susie's daughter, Riley playing atop Gaia the turtle at the Ithaca Children's Garden.
This thing is so cool, I wish I had better pics of it...maybe next time we go. If anyone is traveling through Ithaca, NY (one of my fave places on the planet,) please check out Gaia and the rest of the garden, which is funded and maintained by Cornell Cooperative Extension, a very cool organization.


Dana said...

WOW. Is this an older picture? The girls look so tiny and young...maybe because they're on Gaia!
I went to that garden once, a LOOOOOng time ago (HS) with Melita and some of her friends I think.

POst some more photos! Just not any of me...*grin*

Jen said...

Oh, goodness! That's a big turtle!

I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you a bit more.