Monday, July 1, 2013

The whirlwind continues!

Well, since I last posted anything substantial...

We became engaged.
We bought a house.
We halfway-remodeled a house.
We moved into our home. It's cute. It needs more remodeling. I'm hoping to share some of the projects that we complete to make it ours.
We got kittens. Now they're cats. SO SO cute. I'll share pics. Promise.
We got married. I'm a wife. I have a husband. My boyfriend has a wife. It's me. It's bizarre. But amazing. I'm loving it.
My contract is ending and I need a new job. Blah. I hate that part of being a grown-up. Moving on.

See why I haven't been posting?

But I'll be posting, soon. I'm going to be making a few gorgeous desserts for an up-coming Independence Day celebration. I'll share photos. Maybe recipes. Yum.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I took the summer off.

Unintentionally. Life just comes before blogging, sometimes, and I have a life to live. GET OFF MY CASE! Okay. So maybe you're not on my case. Just be nice to me and welcome me back, alrighty? I haven't been here in so long Blogger wouldn't let me in and I had to go through the whole password reset process. Jeesh.
Passive-aggressive much?

Anyway, I'm back, and I've got some sharin' to do!

Eric and I went to Niagara Falls over Labor Day weekend. We don't get to go away for fun very often, and since my birthday is August 31st, I like to designate that long weekend my "birthday weekend" and use it as an excuse to celebrate. Just a couple of pics:

We went to the Butterfly Conservatory on the Canadian side. I've been dying to get there ever since I knew it existed, but in all my trips to the Falls I never made it. Well, we headed over there on our second day of the trip, and I'll be honest, I have never seen a more mesmerizing place. Truly, I could have spent all day in there. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend it. Also, check out the pic of The Falls from the Canadian side...they really do get the better view, don't they? Oh, and look at us in the middle there, all cutesy. :)

 And in other news...
We (and by "we" I mean myself and a boat load of friends) have spent the past month or so raising money for Clarabug's Quest for a Cure, and this past weekend was our picnic/walk to cap off this year's efforts. We raised almost $6,000 this year, all of which will go toward The Golisano Children's Hospital and Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY. For more info, check out the website at
Woohoo!! $6,000!! We ROCK!

I made this cute ladybug themed cake for the picnic. Check it out. 

I wont tell you how incredibly frustrating certain aspects of this cake were, and I won't point out the many imperfections associated with it. I'll just say it went over VERY well, and was completely devoured, even the little ladybugs, which I made cake-ball style a la Bakerella.

More to share, soon enough...pssst...I have an apple crisp in the oven. More about that tomorrow. 
And maybe a card, tomorrow, too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thinkin' Pink

Hello!! It's been WAY too long! But I'm back to crafting, and posting and I'll do my best to visit my challenge sites as much as I can to get back into the swing of things!!

 In the meantime, allow me to start by sharing two of the MANY cards I created at a crop this past weekend. Some of my crafty friends and I try to get to get together a few of times per year to do this, and it always turns out to be a great time with way too much food eaten, way too little sleep, and some lovely creations! (And by the way, we started out the weekend with a Zumba class at a local elementary school. It was a fundraiser, so we thought, "What better time to Zumba?" Holy smokes. Zumba...)

Love this...the ribbon, the button, the itty-bitty feet...I thought it turned out well...what do you think?

I'm a bit proud of this one, too. Sometimes things come together just like you pictured them, you know? I LOOOVE when that happens!

 All of the PP is from Basic Gray, and everything else if from my stash. I would tell you the colors of the CS, but all my supplies are all mixed up so I don't really know...I CAN tell you that they all came from PTI. (Where else?)