Monday, July 1, 2013

The whirlwind continues!

Well, since I last posted anything substantial...

We became engaged.
We bought a house.
We halfway-remodeled a house.
We moved into our home. It's cute. It needs more remodeling. I'm hoping to share some of the projects that we complete to make it ours.
We got kittens. Now they're cats. SO SO cute. I'll share pics. Promise.
We got married. I'm a wife. I have a husband. My boyfriend has a wife. It's me. It's bizarre. But amazing. I'm loving it.
My contract is ending and I need a new job. Blah. I hate that part of being a grown-up. Moving on.

See why I haven't been posting?

But I'll be posting, soon. I'm going to be making a few gorgeous desserts for an up-coming Independence Day celebration. I'll share photos. Maybe recipes. Yum.

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