Thursday, March 3, 2011

French bread and lemon bars

Well, HELLO!!

Sometimes I get overly excited about visiting friends. And I like to bake. A lot. I use it as a relaxation tool, a procrastination tool, a gift-giving tool, and a way to feed my pretty much constant craving for sweets. So when we were invited over for dinner with our friends the Murphys and their way-cool daughters, I started thinking about what I could contribute.

That's your cue!!
 This is a great recipe that I found at
This bread was really delicious...the crust was crispy and chewy, and the inside was perfectly...well...bread. Six year old Abby Murphy even said it was "so yummy she didn't need butter on it." How can you argue with a review like that? I (and Abby Murphy) highly recommend you make it.

I also made lemon bars. I decided to try the Weight Watchers recipe and after one disastrous failed attempt (long story - I'll spare you...let's just say you need to make sure you have powdered sugar in the house BEFORE you start baking. Sigh.)

These were so good...take a look.
 Once upon a time in my life (for like the first 25 years of it) I REALLY disliked lemon bars. I know what you're saying. I don't know what's wrong with me, either.

Lemon bar Jenga. Fun if you're a thrill seeker. Not so much if you plan to eat them. 

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