Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Sunny St. Patrick's Day, Everyone!

Goooood morning!!

It's such a sunny beautiful day, I hear birds singing and have my kitchen door open, and this all just makes me so very, very happy, right now.
It has been truly beautiful here in Binghamton, lately...I know it's only mid-march and they are forecasting a little bit more snow for next week...and I'm aware that there will probably be another storm before I can feel like spring has really sprung, but for now I'm going to PRETEND it's here, ok?

So, just a few things to share, today...the first is this lovely picture of my kitchen window. Aren't you excited to see my kitchen window? I am, and I will tell you why. My kitchen is a little bit dreary. It's tiny, shaped funny, and for some reason, has BROWN INDOOR-OUTDOOR carpeting in it. True story. I think my landlord fell on his head at some point, because the bathroom does, too. Same carpet. The rest of the place has uncovered hardwood, but the kitchen and bathroom...*sigh* I could go on and on, but I will spare you.

There is a second reason for the picture to excite me!! The plants are alive!!! I am infamous for plant-killing. I have the blackest thumb I know. HOWEVER! See those leafy green plants on the left and right? I have had them since just before I moved into this place, in early September. Not only are they still alive, they are GROWING! They were much tinier than that when I put them on that sill. (I don't even know what they are...the tag just says "houseplant" so that is what I call them. Hee.) This is a record, my friends. I have NEVER kept a plant alive this long. (I should note that this is not all my doing. They appear to be quite hearty...if they start to dry out, they let me know by drooping their leaves down. I give them a little water and they spring right back up!) I picked up the Crocus and the Hyacinth last week at Wegmans ($2 each!) and they hadn't bloomed yet. As soon as I put them in that window, they sprouted all over the place!
So please, share in my glee over the life of my kitchen window. Really. Don't feel TOO sorry for me over the stupid brown carpet. Just love my window with me, ok?

Happy Birthday to all of my Pisces friends! For some reason, I seem to be drawn to Pisces, (or maybe it's the other way around, hmmmm?) Many, many of my friends over the years have been Pisces, and most of those that I have maintained friendships with have also been Pisces. Anyway, just a quick shout out to Sue, Susie, Caroline, Dana, Jessica, Dan, and Mark...aaaaand my mind just went blank...if I forgot you, please remind me!
I created something lovely for Dana's birthday, (which was Monday) but I can't post pics,  as it is going into the mail, today, and she might peek...just keep your eyes peeled for another post, soon!!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday, everyone, and go soak up some sunshine!!!


Dana said...

Oh yes, I'm peeking, but as there is nothing to see except your lovely kitchen window and some plants (*gasp* are they real?) I guess I will have to be patient util it arrives on my front porch!
I bought some crocus' at Wegmans in February and they were lovely. I also bought some Hyacinths there too this month, but when they were done blooming I put them in the frozen ground. Ugh.

Eric Maruscak said...

The plants are beautiful! Your kitchen window is beautiful! YOU are beautiful, and amazing too, did you know that? I love to hear about when you are happy and in a good mood because it puts ME in a good mood. Then I am much less likely to kick a waste paper basket across the room.

Mary said... comments from my 2 favorite people...what could be better? I love you both!

Eric, tell her the plants are real!!!