Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday for a friend...

Wow! FINALLY! My BFF Dana's birthday was March 15th. (The ides.....Beware of her...) Happy belated to Dana!

I don't know what was happening at the P.O. this past 2 weeks, but it took 12 days for to get the package that I sent to her! Grr....But why dwell? She let me know today that she got the package, and was in awe and joy over the contents. (Ok, she didn't say AWE, but I know her pretty well. That's what she meant, I'm sure.)
And I'm thrilled because now I can blog about it. Forgive the pic quality because, once again, I used my cell phone for the photos and am too unmotivated to try to fix them on my computer. I don't have a high-enough quality photo program for that. Maybe one the meantime, please bare with me.
This is actually the lid from a box of Godiva Truffles that I received for Christmas. (Yes, the truffles are long gone. I ALWAYS appreciate a box of Godiva Truffles. Hint-hint.) Anyway, I covered it with this beautifully-patterned paper that I found at Jo-Ann during one of their awesome paper sales. The owl was part of the paper, I cut it out and, after wrapping a couple lengths of PTI Perfect Match ribbon around the box top, I glued on the owl. The tag was from my stash, and the "enjoy" image was one of those awesome little stamp sets that you find in the dollar bin at crafts know the ones I mean. And what's INSIDE the box, you ask? See for yourself.

O.M.G. sometimes I just love Wegman's bulk candy bins. 
 Above is the matching card. Again, tag from my stasheroonie, and "Make a Wish" was from that same nifty little stamp set. Again, I apologize for the pic quality. Those flowers are SO much more colorful in real life!! And this is my fave part...
The paper also had this beautiful bird almost hidden in the pattern of the paper, but I found it! AH-HA! It just wouldn't go on the outside of the card, so I hid it inside. It fit so perfectly. Love it.
I also made Dana a CD of some of the old faves and some newer music that I thought she might like, along with some songs that reminded me of our friendship...she says she's going to listen on her way to work tomorrow...there is even a little surprise hidden in there....teeheehee...I hope she likes it! 
Oh, one last thing...Eric and I are going to a Masquerade Ball this weekend. We went last year, and I wore a rather elegant Marilyn-style dress with my hair all pretty and my makeup all sparkly, and a glittery butterfly mask...This year I'm going for a different look...below is a little tease....hee! 

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