Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So much to do...

Hey there!
Just thought I'd pop on and write a few lines. I have moved into a new place and it's sloooooooowly coming together. I've been here (well, here about half the time...) for a few weeks now, and TODAY I got internet. And a couch. This is all very exciting, and you should have seen my amusement when the furniture delivery and the internet hookup was all going on at the same time.

One of the best things about this new apartment is this little room off the kitchen that is going to be my...can you guess? Can you guess?? Oh yes, my friends, it's going to be my craft room. I may never move. But I must be honest...
THIS is the current condition of the room:

As I've been unpacking and sorting, everything has gone in there. I MUST get to work on that room!! I'll post another pic when it's all set up and you can be proud of me.

It won't happen this weekend, though. I'm going to NYC with Eric, so he can work his magic at the NY Anime Festival. Have I told you how talented he is? I think I have, but I'll tell you again...check his personal blog at It's also cool to search for him...just google his name (Eric Maruscak) and see all the chalk art, illustrations, and digital art that comes up.

I am hoping to bring back lots of pics, but since my camera took a poop...(well, it happened to be in my bag when I put a bottle of juice in there that wasn't capped tightly...I was able to salvage the memory card but not the camera. It was floating...very sad, indeed.) Maybe I'll have to invest in something temporary for the weekend.

Had a wonderful visit with Dana over the weekend...still enjoying what's left of the goodies we created and trying to finish them up since I won't be here for a few days! Going to be so happy when I come home and find a sweet potato pie in the freezer!!
And hopefully hopefully HOPEFULLY will be posting something crafty very soon!!


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