Thursday, September 6, 2007

When did this happen?

No art to post today...I'm working on a couple of cards for the Caardvarks Sticker Shock Challenge, but don't want to post them until they're finished. What I do want to say is this. I am not a the sense that I have never had babies, myself. I have played mom many times in my life. I was a daycare teacher for 3 years, which was one of the most exhilerating, exhausting, meaningful times of my life, I have many many MANY kids that call me Aunt Mary (even though only 2 of them are so far ACTUALLY the children of my siblings, with 2 more on the way...)
So on Wednesday, I put 2 of these little darlings on the bus...

Morgan, my boyfriend's starting Kindergarten...she's excited to be going, we're excited but a little apprehensive about full-days and how she's going to deal with that...we'll see. Doesn't she look happy? And, by the way, she wouldn't have cared if it was 10 degrees and a blizzard outside, she was WEARING that Hello Kitty tanktop and pink can't tell, but that Kitty is all sparkly...we have a princess in the making, folks...I might have to hide that outfit when winter comes.
THEN, I went to pick up my nephew to take him out to breakfast. Joshua is the love of my life, I pretty much raised him for the first year and a half of his life while my sister finished school, and have maintained a very close relationship with him...and on Wednesday, after breakfast, I took him to Aunt Perrin's house and PUT HIM ON THE BUS TO PRE-K!! This was a tough moment...he was too big, too proud of himself...didn't cling or sniffle or get nervous...just climbed right up the steps. And then had the nerve to give me a smile and a wave through the window...not a single tear in his eye...darn kids just can't give you an inch, can they??


Dana said...

Awww... such cuties! Good luck hiding that tank top! *chuckle* She looks happy!
Josh is sooo grown up all of a sudden, isn't he? He's bright too, that's good.

Suggestion: change the text in your posts to a lighter color like white or pale yellow, because it's hard to read in that pretty pale plum color currently. I'm liking the new look.
Also, if you un-check the "fit to size" option on your photo in the sidebar, it should help I think.

Jen said...

Those kids just don't get it! Here we are, with our hearts crying, and they are tickled pink at going to school with the rest of the big kids! Don't they know it should be a traumatic experience for them?! Why should we be the only ones to sob and sniffle and wipe our noses when the bus pulls away?! *sigh* They grow up too fast.

Then again, when they are 16 and wanting us to do everything for them we will be yelling at them to do it themselves! LOL!

I like your new look. Now, if I can just figure out how Dana changed her wallpaper...