Thursday, August 16, 2007

African Violets

My friend's mom recently gave me an African Violet. I'll take a pic of it tonight and post it, tomorrow. I should let you (my 3 readers-jeesh) know that I have the blackest thumb I know. I cannot keep plants alive. Actually, that's not true. My mom used to buy me Amaryllis all the time because it was the only thing I didn't kill. Anything else, forget it. But I'm determined to not kill this pretty purple violet. I have been watering it, deadheading it, talking to it, NOT getting the leaves wet....there will be a problem when I take it home, as my cats eat plants. (See? it's not ALL my fault they die. Sometimes they get eaten.) I checked out some info to make sure they weren't poisonous, and I found, on the Cat Fancier's Association website, a long long list of non-toxic plants, where cats are involved. Apparently, they will not kill a cat. They even had this cute picture.
So I guess my Lenny and Lola are safe. We'll see. Maybe I'll take pics of my kitties with it, before they munch all the petals off. Dana seems doubtful that I can keep it alive. I'll show her, darn it!!


Dana said...

Yep. I'm doubtful. But only because I've known you since you were three, and in those years have "saved" or "put out of it's misery" many plants of yours!

Prove me wrong this time, will ya? *grin*

Mary said...

I will try. I will try.

Jen said...

If you can keep an African Violet alive...please, show me how you did it! I kill them just by looking at them. My MIL is afraid to give me another one after the mere two weeks it took for me to torture and murder the last one.

Hey, maybe I can just give it to Dana and she can rescue it for me! Yeah, that would work!